Chairman & Managing Director

The inspiration and main driving force behind the flourishing ABF Group, of which ABCO Steel is a part,  is Mr. Mohammed Aslam Kazi, the Chairman and Managing Director of ABF Group.

Under his able and dynamic leadership the Group has attained magnificent growth and success.

A prominent NRI businessman and a great visionary, Mr. Kazi has been recognized by many organizations with honours and awards such as Prawasi Award, Udyog Bharati Award, Hind Rattan Award, etc. to mention a few.

“The Group’s success would not have been possible without the efforts of all the individual employees. The credit for success goes to all the individuals”, says Mr. Kazi with his characteristic simplicity.

Mr. Kazi is always positively geared to face any challenges of his business. As a professional entrepreneur he dreams big and is determined and totally focused on reaching his goals.